Troon (Scotland)

If you are looking forward to a unique area to vacation, then Troon is the right place to choose. This beautiful South Ayrshire town is located three miles from Glasgow Prestwick International Airport and it is truly a beautiful place to visit. In fact, the tiny town is already famous for its world-class Royal Troon Golf course and thousands of golfing enthusiasts from all over the world visit the course every year. However, apart from the golf course, Troon has several great attractions that are a must-see. 

1.Kitesurfing is very popular in Troon. The local town hosts festivals every year that are attended every year by tourists from all over the world. The festival is very popular as the town experiences strong winds from the Atlantic and coming up from the Firth of Clyde. If you are interested in kitesurfing, make sure you talk to the hotel staff and they will arrange the activity for you.

2.Fullarton House is also a very popular attraction. The ancient house was purchased by the Duke of Portland in 1805 and completed renovated. The Duke resided in the house for several years and used the time to renovate Troon Harbor and Troon Railway. The grounds and the old houses are still open for visitors and several beautiful architectural signs are still visible on the sprawling grounds.

3.Crosbie Church is another lovely place to visit in the summer. The cemetery associated with the Church dates back to 1240 and houses the graves of the Fullarton Family. The ruins of the house associated with the Church are also visible next to the Cemetery.

4.Troon Beach is a must-visit. The small powder-sand beach is easy to reach from any hotel in the area. Water sports are a popular pastime and you can enjoy yachting, kitesurfing and other sports on the beach.

5.Hiking Trails are quite popular in the city. For example, local tours include the Troon Fairy Trail, the Troon Smuggler Trail and other fun trails hosted by the locals in and around Troon town. Ballast Bank in particular is quite popular with locals and tourists as it is a grassy man-made barrier that provides a view all over the harbor. You can also try the Ayrshire coastal path. This road hugs the coast all around the town and extends all the way from Troon to Irvine and from Troon to Ayr.

6.The local hotels and bars are of world-class quality. Due to the huge amount of tourists seen during peak tourist season, you can find almost every variety of cuisine in and around the tiny town. 

You should know that almost Troon has several visitors during tourist season and finding hotels in troon can be very difficult. Try to book your hotel well beforehand. If possible, try the different homestays, bed-and-breakfasts, vacation exchanges, and other options offered by locals during tourist season. These small hotels are a far better option than large resorts as you can interact with the locals and experience Troon up-close and personal.

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